Monthly Archives: March 2015

Episode Five: Deconstructing Phil

Phil takes the spotlight in this week’s new episode.

On the advice of his new play’s director, Phil takes a stab at talking to the actress he has a crush on. That is, if he can get past the wall built by a lifetime of insecurity and second-guessing… well, what could go wrong? Okay, well, how many things could go wrong?

Episode Four: Origin Stories

This week, take a trip back in time to our writers’ origins.

Because Tina demands they try to bond with Zoe, the Writers share how they turned from bizarre, broken misfits into bizarre, broken misfits who occasionally write things.

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Episode Three: Brent’s Non-Replacement

It’s Thursday, and that means new Writers’ Circle!

This week, meet Zoe Jordan: blogger, freelance writer, and the latest member of the Writers Therapy Group. If, that is, the others don’t lynch her for trying to replace Brent. Which she isn’t. Tina was very clear about that.

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