Meet the Characters

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Our band of miscreants


wc Becky 2

Becky Porter

Becky is out to build a better world through her fiction, and has no issues tearing the old one down brick by brick to make it happen. Novelist, advocate, feminist, proudly bisexual, lives by two words: “Becky Rules.”




wc Phil

Phil Payton
Plagued by crippling anxieties and self-doubt, Phil’s life might seem soul-crushingly depressing, but he’s managed to channel it into his award-winning comedy plays. Because if the universe is going to find his suffering so hilarious, he may as well run with it.




wc Jeff 2

Jeff Winnick
Self-described man’s man, ladies’ man, and man-about-town Jeff Winnick is a screenwriter and operator of Winnick Films. Lives an apparently blessed life, an illusion he maintains by choosing to ignore when his actions have consequences.




wc Zoe 1

Zoe Jordan
Blogger and freelance web writer Zoe is the latest addition to the circle. Timid and awkward, she’s joined the group to find more normal real-world friends. In short, she’s made a terrible, terrible mistake.




wc Tina

Tina Gellar
Agent and defacto landlord to the writers’ circle, Tina ensures that everyone’s work is getting out into the world, that they’re being fairly compensated, and that they have a place to meet. In short, she’s vitally important to them all, and expects they’ll notice that any day now.





Brent Lambert
Journalist, novelist, and non-fiction writer Brent Lambert has seen places you’ve never heard of, experienced things you wouldn’t believe, and lived to write about them. When he’s not on an adventure, he serves as a mentor figure to Phil, Jeff, and Becky.





Photos courtesy of Abby + Dave photography. They’re pretty keen.

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