The Brain Trust

The Brain Trust

Photo courtesy of Abby + Dave photography


Dan Gibbins

Dan Gibbins: Executive producer, writer, director, future river boat captain

Dan is a playwright who’s been toiling away in Calgary, Alberta since a time known to history as “the late 90s.” He’s written around 30 plays, including the original Writers’ Circle play if that’s worth mentioning. He occasionally talks about his plays, his travels, and his thoughts on life in the future over at If you need a thing written, he might be able to assist with that for a fee.




Photo by Dave Moss of Abby + Dave Photography


Keith Kollee: Executive producer, director, writer, bon vivant

Despite being a lifetime fan of TV and film, this is Keith’s first foray into producing his own. Keith is a graduate of Mount Royal College (now a University!), and has participated in amateur and professional theatre productions for years. This incredibly exciting journey would not have been possible without his good friends Dan and Ian, not to mention every single one of the talented cast and crew.




Ian Pond: Executive producer, director of photography, editor, pretty staunchly anti-Templar

Ian was taught the ways of film video/production at SAIT Polytechnic in the dawn of the millennium. But it is not this that drives his passion to produce the videos like this series. No, spite is the motive. Spite and envy. A burning awe and envy for Rocket Jump’s Freddie Wong drives his arm. And one day Ian will have spite enough to stand before his younger, more talented, more successful doppelganger and Wong will know the name Ian Pond.

When Ian isn’t at his day job as a live event audio/video technician he produces corporate and wedding videos. And yes, he is for hire.



Daisy Butterbeer

Daisy Pond: Producer, 1st assistant director, Minion Mistress

Daisy comes from the wonderful world of community theatre where she’s a
well-known stage manager. She works primarily with Scorpio Theatre where
she’s also their Executive Producer. She’s done a number of shows with
Morpheus Theatre, Front Row Centre Players, and Cappuccino Musical
Theatre. This foray into the film world has been a marvelous adventure and
she is excited to continue onwards. Congrats to the cast and crew on a
great first season! It has been a pleasure working with you. Hope you
enjoy this labour of love!


Patrick Murray: Sound engineer/mixer, foley artist, out to rule all Metropolis

Patrick is the guy that will watch movies over and over again just to focus on the effects behind the action. Lately he’s been stripping the audio out of his favourite shows, and seeing what he can replicate or improve upon in his very own ‘lab’. Pop culture has had it’s effect, and if you listen close enough, you can usually catch at least one reference, an homage if you will, to one of his favourite movies or shows.

Tawni (BW)

Tawni Barton: Costume designer, hair & makeup, production assistant, actress, maniac on the floor

Tawni Barton is a born and raised Calgarian with an unyielding passion for the arts. She graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2011 and after moving back home in 2012, she has been slowing building up her resume. She is now the Costume Coordinator for Scorpio Theatre.
Tawni had such a great time on this project. She was first asked to help out with costumes, which was such a great opportunity. She didn’t get to audition initially due to a scheduling conflict, but as fate would have it the directors were still looking for someone to play Cynthia. Tawni read the script and fell in love with the character. When she was asked to play Cynthia, Tawni practically jumped out of her skin-or she would have, if she wasn’t trying to play it cool. This has been an amazing adventure and Tawni looks forward to future shenanigans.

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