And we’re off!

We kept you waiting longer than we said we would, but trust us, the wait was even tougher on our side. We’ve been eager to share Writers Circle: the Series with you since¬†we started writing it in May of 2013, and now… now the day has finally come.

We are live! Season one is on the air! And as a “thank you” for your patience, we’re launching with a double-header! Check out the first two episodes now! If you like them, there’s a button you can click that declares that. Go ahead and press it. Then help us entertain the world by sharing the series with everyone you know. And to make sure you don’t miss an episode, subscribe to our channel.

Enjoy our first two episodes, then we’ll meet back here on March 5th for episode three, and every Thursday morning after that until the season’s finished!

You can find all the available episodes on our “Episodes” page. Which is why we called it that.

Episode one: The Vicious Circle

Episode two: Funeral For a Friend

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