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Episode 10: Stonebluff Road

Episode 10, now out there for your enjoyment! Yes. You. You right there. We can see you through the internet, did you not know that?

A friend of Becky’s is looking for input on his new art film. In an act of desperation, Becky turns to Zoe and Jeff for help. It shouldn’t result in anger and hurt feelings for everyone involved.

It shouldn’t.

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Favour for a Night Move

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! We love being able to watch episodes with a crowd.

Speaking of… let’s catch up.

First up is last week’s episode, Night Moves.

Phil’s night of wrestling over whether or not to email Georgia (and sulking) is interrupted when Becky calls, having had a few drinks and being in need of a ride home. Or adventure. Or perogies. She hasn’t quite decided yet.

And this week, the ladies get some alone time in Favour for a Friend.

Becky needs a ride to the office. Zoe has a car and is eager to score points with the other woman in the group. This should work out great, right? Right? Oh boy.

Episode Seven: Love is Blind

Sorry to have missed a few posts, everybody, but if you’ve remembered to subscribe to our channel, you’ll have kept up on our new releases. Such as our sixth episode, In the Depths, and last week’s blooper reel.

But we’re back with episode seven, In the Depths!

Armed with his newfound knowledge of the internet, Jeff decides to help out his friends… by filling out internet dating profiles for them and setting them up on blind dates. Hijinks ensue, with sexy results. Or is it tragic results? sexi-tragic? Is that a thing?

Enjoy, and tell your friends!