The Vicious Circle

Meet the Writers Therapy Group: Phil, Becky, Jeff, and Brent. Well, Phil, Becky, and Jeff, anyway. Group patriarch Brent hasn’t turned up yet, and their agent Tina has some news…

Funeral for a friend

The Writers gather for a funeral. What happens when three socially dysfunctional people gather to grieve one of their own? Good times, probably. I mean… I mean sure, Phil’s morose at the best of times, Becky’s got her… opinions, and Jeff is easily distracted by shiny things, but… hm. Tina suspects this may not have been the best idea.

Brent’s non-replacement

Blogger Zoe Jordan is the group’s newest member… if the group doesn’t crucify her for trying to replace Brent first. Which she isn’t. Tina was very specific about that.

origin stories

Because Tina demands they try to bond with Zoe, the Writers share how they turned from bizarre, broken misfits into bizarre, broken misfits who occasionally write things.

deconstructing phil

On the advice of his new play’s director, Phil takes a stab at talking to the actress he has a crush on. That is, if he can get past the wall built by a lifetime of insecurity and second-guessing… well, what could go wrong? Okay, well, how many things could go wrong?

in the depths

Jeff discovers something dark and terrible when he convinces Zoe to help him put his films online. Something foul. Something awful.

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Love is blind

Armed with his newfound knowledge of the internet, Jeff decides to help out his friends… by filling out internet dating profiles for them and setting them up on blind dates. Hijinks ensue, with sexy results. Or is it tragic results? sexi-tragic? Is that a thing?

Night moves

Phil’s night of wrestling over whether or not to email Georgia (and sulking) is interrupted when Becky calls, having had a few drinks and being in need of a ride home. Or adventure. Or perogies. She hasn’t quite decided yet.

Favour for a friend

Becky needs a ride to the office. Zoe has a car and is eager to score points with the other woman in the group. This should work out great, right? Right? Oh boy.

stonebluff road

A friend of Becky’s is looking for input on his new art film. In an act of desperation, Becky turns to Zoe and Jeff for help. It shouldn’t result in anger and hurt feelings for everyone involved.

It shouldn’t.

Jeff’s Head

What has driven Jeff to seek the help of a therapist? What secret gets out that threatens to tear apart the Writing Therapy Group? Why has Jeff been perpetually late all season? Does Becky, in fact, rule? The answers await in Jeff’s Head.

Who you gonna call?

Middle of the night. A phone rings. A crisis is brewing. Or possibly not. Jeff thinks he has a ghost. Phil is pretty sure he’s A) wrong, B) crazy, and C) facing the real reason his watch has been slow all season. But can he afford to risk that Jeff ISN’T wrong?

decisions and denouements

Jeff is in a fight with his best friend. Becky is facing a choice between what’s right and what’s easy. Phil has a risk to take. Zoe is stuck in the middle. Tina has some paperwork, not much, but you know, enough to keep busy. Everything that’s happened in the last twelve episodes has led here: to our double-sized first season finale. For Brent.

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