Slight delay

Hey there fans and soon-to-be-fans.

Yes, we did say that the first episode would be launching right around now, and nobody’s more excited to get these episodes out into the world than us. However, we’re committed to making sure this first season is every bit as good as we can make it. So we’ve pushed our premiere back a couple of weeks to do another post-production polish.

We want you to love watching this show as much as we’ve loved putting it together for you. Well, as much as Dan, Keith, and the cast have loved putting it together. Ian and Patrick were made to suffer, there’s nothing we can do about that. Well, there’s nothing we will do about that.

Our double-header premiere is coming your way soon, followed by one episode a week until our big finale. And it’s gonna be a great ride.

Into the final stages

Hello to all of our soon-to-be-fans!

We over here at Writers’ Circle: the Series are into our final stages of post production on our first wave of episodes, making sure that the final product is something you’re all going to love. And you’ll be loving it starting on February 5th, as we release both halves of our two-part pilot!

In the meantime, get yourself ready for the launch by meeting the characters, the cast, the crew, or checking our episodes page for glimpses of what you can look forward to.

Season one launches in just two weeks. Hope to see you all there. And by “there” we mean the internet. And by “See you” we mean… um… well let’s not think too much about that, okay?

Writers’ Circle: the Series… coming January!

Oh, hello. Welcome to the site. To be honest, you’re a little early… you know how it is, you’re cleaning and prepping the place right up until guests arrive, but then you lose track of time… do come in and get comfy, though.

Watch this space for updates on the soon-to-premiere web series Writers’ Circle. While we get the first season ready for you, why not check out the character page? Or read some bios? Or inquire how to like us on Facebook?

In fact, enough about us. How are you doing, visitor?